Pollen is a new approach to wellness. It’s about feeling your kind of good + discovering a community of like-minded people to share it with. 

This is why we have been working round the clock BTS with our Pollen ambassadors to create products that fit seamlessly into your daily routine. Pollen has been made for you, by you. 

*we promise we are not a cult

Pollen is more than products, Pollen is a movement

We’ve created a space for anyone + everyone to share their user stories #withpollen + bust taboos around CBD. Why did you start your CBD journey? How are you getting on? Tell us what makes you feel your kind of good – share your opinions, questions, thoughts + ideas. No judgement. No shame. 

We want to make sure Pollen is right for you - from taste testing, to campaigns + new product ideas, we’re building Pollen together.

Pollen is coming together + sharing experiences

The huge focus around our community + building our ambassador network is to help support our main mission to create a space for CBD users to come together and talk about how they are using the products to support their own wellness requirements. You will be able to see some of our Pollen ambassador experiences on our 'stories' page. 

Hopefully these stories will help you with your purchasing decision if you are unsure on what Pollen product to try. These ambassadors have been trialling our product months before launch to ensure we have perfected our products. Just for you.

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